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The Women in Residential Construction Conference is an amazing opportunity to learn from some of today’s incredible and inspiring women leaders in the residential construction industry. But don’t just take our word for it...

Below you will find comments and opinions from attendees of this year's conference.

How to Choose to Have Joy in Your Life

Great presentation!!

That was really awesome

Really enjoyed Abbie's presentation - many great points to use everyday

That was great, I am still processing what was presented.

Wonderful presentation 😁

Women at Work—A 2020 Perspective

Incredible! Love the culture you've created, Sheryl.

Sheryl, your company's diversity is inspiring! Great presentation, thank you!

Thank you Sheryl! very inspiring!

Great content! I agree.. we own the balance.

Sheryl you are amazing! I love listening to you every time you speak. Thank you for all you do.

Thank you so much, Sheryl, this was a topic I truly and deeply needed to hear! I look forward to sharing this with my department and students.

Is Your Company Vision as Clear to the Team as Your Blueprints?

Great presentation including examples of strategic planning and best practices

Amazing Sarah! So inspired by you and your leadership!

Helpful structure and reminders that demonstrate how a "healthy" team can work together. Thanks Sarah!

This was a great presentation to assist the leaders on my team as we continue to navigate the rough waters in 2020 and beyond. Thank you Sarah!

The Uberization of New Home Sales

Thank you. Very informative.

This was an amazing perspective! Thank you for sharing

Setting Goals for Continued Growth in Your Career

Liesel, you are my spirit animal. I never finished college either because structured education is boring...! - My question for you is what classes (if any) have you taken over the years to grow your knowledge or have you learned everything on the job from your superhero team?

Being vulnerable, empathetic, and just having feelings in general is one of our greatest assets as women ♥

We do this for them" Love that! Truth!’ “Thank you Liesel! You're an inspiration.

Thank you so much! Really enjoyed the presentation.

You are inspiring Liesel! "If you want the 90% you have to deal with the 10%". "You have to be yourself

Excellent reality check on authenticity! Thanks.

Great insight! Totally agree with cherish the journey. We get so busy and priorities change as we look back on what we have given up to get to our goals.

I really appreciate your vulnerability Liesel. You have always been an inspiring leader.

Great job Liesel! Thanks for sharing this message!

Love your energy Liesel! Great advice!

Love the honesty around time with your family. I've put off so many vacations in favor or work and this year has taught me what a big mistake that is!

Thank you Liesel, so great to hear about your journey

Big takeaway for me was "Cherish the Journey" - so hard to stay in the present moment sometimes, but so critical to keep your passion thriving in whatever sector of homebuilding you are in.

What Clients Don't See: Design Strategies to Reduce Risk and Improve Durability and Performance

Great presentation, thank you Christine!

Loved this information, thank you so much!

Great job, great presentation and great information Christine!


This was my first time too! I loved this conference so much and was very impressed by how well the virtual conference went.

This is my first time attending. Won't miss it going forward.

I have loved every session.


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